Lew Hollander defies his age.

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Lew Hollander. Yet another reason to be careful about defining people by their years on the planet

Lew Hollander, 80-year-old scientist, returned to the Ford Ironman World Championship again this year. He hopes to returns next year and for many years to come. The word motivational just doesn’t do him justice…

I find this man to be a total inspiration. Thank you Lew Hollander for demonstrating what’s possible if we take care of our bodies. And heck, maybe some of it is just good genes — you never know, but still.

You make me believe that I am at least capable of doing what you are doing at your age — though, to be honest Lew, I sink like a stone when I do the breast stroke — but running & biking and raising hell with women (I just assume, Lew — you’ve got those piercing blue eyes), I’m with you, man!

You, sir, are a man I’d like to meet… speaking of which, where do you live?


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