Awesome List of Things That Are Awesome

This is an awesome list of things that are awesome.

These are not in any particular order.

Because there is NO ORDER TO AWESOME! Awesome is awesome.

  • Pirates are awesome.
  • Zombies are awesome.
  • Ninjas are awesome.
  • Time Travel is awesome.
  • Bengal Tigers are awesome.
  • Puppies are awesome.
  • Elephants are awesome.
  • Dolphins are awesome.
  • Panda Bears? Yep. Awesome.
  • These people are awesome.
  • Eddie Izzard is awesome.

This Photo Is Awesome:

Be sure you take a close look. Those people? Yes — they are who you think they are.

Will Smith is awesome:

Talking animals are awesome:

Of course, there are a lot more awesome things in the world but I’m a busy guy and I need to keep some things a mystery! I mean, seriously, how much do you need to know!?

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