Day 328: ‘Life Adventurer, Zero Dean’

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I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be on Sacramento & Company. I had a great time. The whole experience was pretty amazing for me and the people were awesome.

One of the biggest surprises & reliefs (for me) was how relaxed I was as I was about to go on live TV (& also being broadcast live online). I was just excited to be there and happy to talk about my experiences.

Of course, I watch the segment and see where I could’ve done better, but I learned a lot from the process and just had fun with it.

So who’s next!? I want to do it again! :)

My second biggest ‘surprise’ was that the cameras were remote controlled — robots! That’s awesome — I wanted to get behind the control deck and get them to do battle — or dance. ;)

Thanks again to Sacramento & Co. — the entire crew — you are awesome.

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