Sacramento & Co – It's live tv & I'll be on it tomorrow.

Day 328: 'Life Adventurer, Zero Dean'
'Dream On' - Aerosmith

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I couldn’t be more thrilled & grateful for the opportunity to announce that tomorrow morning I’m scheduled to appear on local Sacramento morning show:

Sacramento & Co.

Thursday March 31, 9am PST.

Not only is it LIVE, my friends – you can watch it live online by visiting their site.

  • What will I say?
  • What will I wear?
  • How will it go?
  • Am I ready for Oprah or Ellen or SNL? ;) (Oh – you laugh, you laugh, but “It’s amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn’t know what one can’t do.”).

Tune in tomorrow find out!

[Missed it live? My debut on live TV is now available online here]

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Thanks for reading. I think you’re awesome.

007 <3

Day 328: 'Life Adventurer, Zero Dean'
'Dream On' - Aerosmith

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