Reminder: Backup your files and photos

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That terrifying moment (yesterday) when you plug in a 1TB hard drive that stores over 100,000 of your photos taken between 2011 and 2012 —

— and it spins up, but your computer fails to acknowledge it (device manager scans reveal nothing). O_O

So you tell yourself, “Ok. Breathe. Maybe today isn’t the day. I have other things to do anyway. I’ll try again tomorrow.”

So you try again the next day (today)… and it works.

So now you can be darn sure I’m backing it up in case that EVER happens again.

PSA: Backup your files and photos

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So let this just be a friendly reminder to backup your files and photos. As I will be over the next day or more.

And maybe consider a cloud backup service — as I am. Although my main concern with that is that my primary sources of internet and bandwidth right now are public internet cafes and my phone. And since I have over 4 TBs of data to transfer… well, you can see how that might take a while on a public WIFI connection. So maybe I’ll stick with external hard drives for now.

Also, for those who wonder, I do have a Drobo (which is a sort of RAID) for backups — but it’s in storage (due to not being very portable).


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