‘When you are brave enough to be yourself…’

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“When you are brave enough to be yourself, you give others permission to do the same.”

But what about those people who will act like an ass and then declare, “I was only being myself!”?

I think being one’s self also implies that if we were really being ourselves in the way we see ourselves, no one would intentionally act like an ass or inconvenience others. Because we don’t see ourselves this way.

And that’s often because we judge others based on their actions, but we judge ourselves based on our intentions. One way to overcome this is to be aware of when you doing to someone else what you wouldn’t want someone to do to you.

The key to truly being yourself is to truly know yourself and seeing how your actions affect others — and caring enough to change the behaviors you don’t actually want.

I think we convince ourselves that we’re “just being ourselves”, but we are still causing conflict and inconvenience, it’s often out of insecurity, ignorance, or not knowing how their words or actions affect other people.

That said, “Be yourself. Unless you suck.” — Joss Whedon

Or has also been said: “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

It helps to remember that everything we do sets an example for others.

When you are brave enough to be yourself, you give others permission to do the same.

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