A lovely way to start the day

When someone writes to tell you that they like something you’ve written so much that they want print copies to put on the walls of their children’s rooms…

“THAT is the message I want them growing up thinking about.”

What a huge compliment. And a lovely way to start the day.

*Thank you*

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A friend to talk to

The winter holidays can be particularly difficult for some people.

For the third year in a row, I’d like to lend an ear to anyone who could use someone to talk to during the season.

Be it by email, chat, text, or phone, I’m available to be a friend to anyone who wants one. Or more importantly, anyone who needs one.

You’re never as alone as you may sometimes feel. And there are people in the world who do actually care about your well-being, even if you haven’t met them yet. Even if you seemingly have little in common.

I can’t say I can solve your problems. And I’m not a therapist. But I am a fairly decent listener. I can probably make you feel less alone. And I can probably make you laugh.

In any case, whether you’re familiar with me or not, I’m here if it’s helpful. No pressure.

Stay warm. And happy holidays.

Message me directly for any details or contact info.

*This is technically an unlimited time offer as my availability allows, but I make it more obvious during the holidays.

Also, I would encourage anyone who has friends or family who may be going through a rough time or who are spending the holidays alone to let them know you’re there for them if they need you.

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A journey in progress

Note: My “confessions of the day” are part of an ongoing theme on my entertainment blog, but this one seems more appropriate over here.

Confession of the day:

Many of my (serious) posts are written with my future children in mind. Some of my posts are written for friends. Some are written for strangers I encounter.

And some of my posts are written for me as much as anyone.

Or more so.

Because this is not the story of some guy who went on a journey, faced many hardships, and succeeded.

This is not the telling of a tale after-the-fact when all is good and no matter how bad it gets, you know it’s going to have a happy ending.

This is the story of a guy still very much on a journey and still very much facing hardships and a future shrouded in doubt every day.

This is me trying to live some semblance of a normal life while also dealing with one that is anything but.

And if you sometimes forget that, then I am succeeding. Because it is not my intent to remind people all the time. Although sometimes it’s difficult not to (I’m human).

While I often share what I’ve learned after an event has happened or after I’ve bounced back from feeling a certain way, there are times when I feel raw and just need to think out loud.

There are times when I need to ask myself what I would say or do if I was a better, stronger, and more capable version of myself.

And then I listen and write it down.

As I’ve said before, “Sometimes you have to suck it up and be your own champion when no one else will.”

I wrote that for me a long time ago because it was how I was feeling at the time.

And then after I wrote it, people found it something they could relate to.

Which is good. It still applies.

Don’t quit.

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