Your body language shapes who you are

This is a potentially life-changing and powerful TED talk by Amy Cuddy.

Even if you’re a master of body language, it’s worth watching as a reminder of how powerful it can be, not only with regard to how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself.

20 minutes well spent.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are (Link to video)



“Social scientists have spent a lot of time looking at the effects of our body language or other people’s body language on judgements. And we make sweeping judgements and inferences from body language. And those judgements can predict really meaningful life outcomes like who we hire or promote or who we ask out on a date.”

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The transformative power of classical music

If you have 20 minutes, this is a wonderful TED talk by Benjamin Zander. Benjamin is funny and enlightening. And the last 5 minutes are really good.

“Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections.”

The transformative power of classical music (Link to video)


“Now, I had an amazing experience. I was 45 years old. I’d been conducting for 20 years. And I suddenly had a realization: The conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound. … He depends for his power on his ability to make other people powerful.

And that changed everything for me. It was totally life changing.

People in my orchestra came up to me and said, “Ben, what happened?”

That’s what happened.

I realized my job was to awaken possibility in other people.

And, of course, I wanted to know if I was doing that. And you know how you find out?

You look at their eyes. If their eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it. … If the eyes are not shining, you get to ask a question, and this is the question:

“Who am I being that my player’s eyes are not shining?”

We can do that with our children, too. Who am I being, that my children’s eyes are not shining?

That’s a totally different world.”

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“Best two weeks ever!”

Photo and note by Susie Kennedy



Finally, after years of wanting to do it, I went on an epic solo road trip… Route 66 all the way from Chicago to LA. Best two weeks ever!

Thanks for the nudge with your amazing life, and for the advice… though I never had to sleep in my car! Almost did, though, this one time in Amarillo. My tent didn’t like being pitched on the edge of a tornado warning zone, but it held!” — Susie Kennedy (original post)

Thanks so much for sharing your comment and photo, Susie. I’m so happy you had such a great experience and that I was able to be associated with in some way!

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Positive Energy Beverages, Patreon, and Xero shoes

I just want to take a moment to shine a positive spotlight on three companies I’ve had the pleasure to deal with recently:

1. Positive Energy Beverages | Facebook

Not only did they send me a care package out of the blue (in response to an exchange on twitter) which included a handwritten note, they also followed up to see what I thought of their product.

And when I gave them feedback on one of their drink flavors, they followed up a couple days later to see what I thought of the other.

They didn’t have to (I’ve already said good things about them). I really think they actually care.

2. Patreon | Facebook

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a crowdfunding company that allows “fans” to support content creators on an ongoing basis. That’s how I discovered Patreon (it’s what they do!).

(And, in case you’re wondering, I’ve created Patreon project page, it just isn’t public yet. I’m working out what I want to offer as rewards to people for helping to support my efforts.)

In any case, I had a question and wrote to them on a Saturday.

My note started like this:

“I think I’m about to fall in love with Patreon.

One big question I have… [the question]”

On *Sunday* they answered.

“Hi Zero,

Thanks so much for the note!! We love you back!! [the answer]”

I jokingly wrote back about how I hoped they weren’t actually in the office on Sunday and were actually somewhere cool and answering remotely…

And today I got a response to confirm that they WERE somewhere cool.

It was just a fun and positive exchange. Above and beyond the typical outsourced copy & paste response chosen from a list of possible responses.

This is great!

3. Xero Shoes | Facebook

On April 22, I received my first pair of Xero shoes and I’ve been wearing them every day ever since.

Unfortunately, a couple days ago I had an issue with one of the sandals, so I wrote to the company about the problem.

They wrote back promptly and not only offered to replace my shoes, but asked if I wanted to try a newer, more expensive model. Free of charge. No service fee. No shipping fee. Nothing.

Just (paraphrasing) “We’re sorry about that and we want to make it right!”

This morning I got confirmation they sent me a new pair of shoes.


There are so many companies out there that go through the motions of trying to make it appear as if they care about your business — when really, they just want your money — and then there are companies that come across as if they genuinely do care about your business.

Yes, running a business requires creating something people are willing to pay for. And it requires marketing your product, too.

But there is a way to do this in a fashion that actually shows that you not only care about how you do business, but you actually care about your customers as well.

And I really believe these 3 companies do.

And I thought I should tell someone.

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