‘Insurance policy’

I like to think that future me has it all figured out. And he looks back on present me and thinks, “I believe in you, work hard & you’ll figure it out. You will find what you seek.”

But every now and then future me sees me struggling, so he leaves me a sign to nudge me in the right direction. A sort of future insurance policy, if you will. Because if I don’t succeed in finding my way, he won’t exist.


On motivation…

“Don’t wait for motivation. Motivation is waiting for you! Motivation was so motivated that they got up before you, stretched, turned on their music & started running. Then they realized that they left you behind! So they stopped up around the next bend. And they’re doing sit-ups and push-ups & waiting for your ass to catch up. So don’t wait for motivation to catch up with you, go catch up with motivation!”

Photo: Getty Center

Spent the afteroon at the Getty Center. I received a *special invitation last night and it just worked out that I had this afternoon open to check it out.

My first impression of the Getty Center: “Wow. This place is cool. Very ‘aesthetically pleasing’ to the eyes. I really like the architecture.”

My second impression of the Getty Center: “Wow. There sure are a lot of stairs!”

On top of guest parking ($15 savings, wow), I got a nice little tour of some of the non-public accessible places in the Getty…not really much to “see”, but a cool story to tell. :) I got to walk “the tunnels”.

And I totally forget… that “cloud” that’s been hanging over the Santa Monica “bowl” for the past few days… well, all you have to do is start heading out of the area and it’s blue skies (as seen in my cell phone pic above).

Incidentally, I’ve accepted it as a challenge to try and take decent pics with my cell phone…to see if it can be done.


October 8, 2010: That “special invitation” was  date with someone who works at the Getty Center. Now you know.

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