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Pirates and zombies, oh my!

What are you waiting for? Go after it!

If it seems like I haven’t posted in a bit, it’s because I’ve been working over here — I encourage folks to head over there and check it out — and subscribe if you like the content.
Yes, inspired by my own “Pirates vs Zombies” post the other day, in the span of only 3 days, I registered a domain, created content & graphics, and launched an entire web site. Not really a big deal, but I’ve been refining a few things and writing content for it as well — so it’s taken up a fair bit all of my time.
I also updated the look & feel of this here blog and logo — which also applies to the “mother” site — (As is often the case, when I’m inspired in one area, it tends to propagate to other things I’m working on).
So anyway — I’m still in Las Vegas. For more than the past week I’ve thought that each day would be my last day here before heading out. I attribute the fact I’m still here to simply being inspired to “create”. I always figure that when I’m inspired, I should use it — one never knows when that one thing will make all the difference.
I think tonight will be my last night here before moving on though — really. My only issue is not being sure which direction I want to go.
I have this long-standing desire to visit the Salt Lake City, Utah area again — or just Utah in general. Though last night I had a dream suggest I should go to Arizona (I think that was the point — I barely remember it). I also want to head back to Southern California — though I don’t have a “plan”… not yet anyway.
Lately I’ve just been trying to listen to my intuition as much as possible, rather than my “logical” mind — though when I really can’t decide, I let the Internet decide for me.
Which reminds me, I’d really love to do more you-choose-my-adventuring. And I also want to purse the Degrees of Zero – Six Degrees of Separation Social Networking Experiment — I’m just waiting for the “right timing” on both. Something has felt a little “off” lately on both, though I’m not sure what.
I do have this urge to go take photos of beautiful things though…I may go find somewhere to do that. :)
Thanks for reading.
I think you’re awesome.
— Zero Dean

What are you waiting for? Go after it!
Pirates and zombies, oh my!

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Pirates and zombies, oh my!

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