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Start Now (Poke the Box: The Workbook)

Start Now (Poke the Box: The Workbook)A lovely woman following the ZDXP suggested I check out this link today — and so I did.
The page highlights the free PDF workbook: Start Now (Poke the Box: The Workbook).
Many times, I resist the “free PDFs” that sites offer as silly gimmicks –“Hello visitor! Just give us your email and you can download our free book!” — but the description alone got my attention:

This workbook was written to ask one basic question: What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks?”

Plus, you don’t have to do anything other than click & download — and hey — that description sounds a lot like my line of thinking in my January 24 post:

What are you waiting for? Go after it!

So I downloaded the workbook — and here is my 1 word review. “Wow”. Ok, maybe that’s a bit “light” in the review department — so here are 3 more words to top it out at 4:

Inspiring”, “motivating”, and “reassuring”.

Whether you’re feeling a bit “stuck” or just want to see what I’m making a fuss about — check it out. You probably know by now I don’t put things in the spotlight unless they speak to me…
“We’ve filled these pages with quotes, action items, and excerpts to light a fire under you and get you started. There are more questions here than answers. That’s intentional. The answers come from you. This will require you to explore corners of your life where you hesitate, procrastinate, or weasel your way out because you’re afraid.”
Maybe it will speak to you, too. :)

Start Now (Poke the Box: The Workbook)

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Start Now (Poke the Box: The Workbook)

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