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'Love is a verb'

Love is a verb.

“Love is a verb. It’s an action requiring your involvement and your active participation. You cannot sit back and expect the world will serve it to you. You cannot expect that your relationship will continue to provide love while you’re not putting in any effort. Love has to be earned and must be continually fought for.” — Stephen R. Covey

Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough
— Snow Patrol


From a comment: I don’t think you can ever say “I love you” too much.

I understand the sentiment, but you can say I love you “too much” when your words misrepresent your actions.
The words can be soothing and reassuring, but this generally comes after this love has manifested itself via actions or behavior in some way. Otherwise, the words by themselves (can) mean very little — and sometimes they can even be misused to manipulate and control…as demonstrated by the abusive husband who beats his wife only to whisper after, “Don’t leave me baby, I love you”.
Most people would not trust their lives in the hand of a stranger just because the stranger said, “I love you.” This is because this “love” has not been demonstrated in some way and therefore holds little to no power.
My point is that the words, while usually well intended, do not always mean the same thing or hold the same power. And that if one is to feel loved by another, then it’s generally the actions that show it, and not the words. The words are just a placeholder. An abbreviation. A symbol. A reminder.
Loving someone and expressing love are not the same thing. The feeling and the action are not the same.
You can love a plant unconditionally, but if you don’t water it, the plant will die.
You can love your mate unconditionally, but if you don’t express that love in your actions, that relationship will likely die.
Love takes is action.

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'Love is a verb'

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'Love is a verb'

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