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Shout out to: Art Ambush Project

Today’s shout out goes to: Art Ambush Project (facebook page)
Art Ambush Project is an ever-growing community of artists and writers dedicating themselves to showing appreciation to unsung heros with works of art.
And this is a really cool idea, but my description doesn’t do it justice, so definitely check out their page and you’ll get an idea why. If it’s the sort of thing you like, consider following — or maybe sharing it with other folks who might like it, too.
My thanks to Julie Clements for bringing AAP to my attention so I can share them with you.
As always, if you have or know of a project or cause that you would like to help get more attention, please message me with the info.

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Shout out to: Art Ambush Project

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Shout out to: Art Ambush Project

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