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Shout out to: Save the Elephants

Today’s shout out goes to: Save the Elephants (website).
One of my favorite animals is in increasing peril, yet few people outside of africa
seem aware of the situation.
This is one of those issues where few of us are affected in any way by dwindling elephant populations, but to continue to lose such an amazing creature would be a terrible loss.
While it may seem like there is not much one can do directly, general awareness of the issue does help, as well as focusing on ways in which progress is being made. One of those ways includes supporting organizations that are doing their best to protect these creatures to ensure their continued existence.
I’ve listed a few organizations worth checking out below.
One of the things I really like about Save Elephant Foundation (listed second) is that they include a list of ways in which you can help on their home page. It’s always great to not only tell people you need help, but to also list ways in which they CAN help.
Save the Elephants

Save Elephant Foundation

SOS Elephants

Center for Elephant Conservation


Shout out to: Save the Elephants

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Shout out to: Save the Elephants

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