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Positive Energy Beverages, Patreon, and Xero shoes

"Best two weeks ever!"
How to speak so that people want to listen

I just want to take a moment to shine a positive spotlight on three companies I’ve had the pleasure to deal with recently:
1. Positive Energy Beverages | Facebook
Not only did they send me a care package out of the blue (in response to an exchange on twitter) which included a handwritten note, they also followed up to see what I thought of their product.
And when I gave them feedback on one of their drink flavors, they followed up a couple days later to see what I thought of the other.
They didn’t have to (I’ve already said good things about them). I really think they actually care.
2. Patreon | Facebook
For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a crowdfunding company that allows “fans” to support content creators on an ongoing basis. That’s how I discovered Patreon (it’s what they do!).
(And, in case you’re wondering, I’ve created Patreon project page, it just isn’t public yet. I’m working out what I want to offer as rewards to people for helping to support my efforts.)
In any case, I had a question and wrote to them on a Saturday.
My note started like this:
“I think I’m about to fall in love with Patreon.
One big question I have… [the question]”
On *Sunday* they answered.
“Hi Zero,
Thanks so much for the note!! We love you back!! [the answer]”
I jokingly wrote back about how I hoped they weren’t actually in the office on Sunday and were actually somewhere cool and answering remotely…
And today I got a response to confirm that they WERE somewhere cool.
It was just a fun and positive exchange. Above and beyond the typical outsourced copy & paste response chosen from a list of possible responses.
This is great!
3. Xero Shoes | Facebook
On April 22, I received my first pair of Xero shoes and I’ve been wearing them every day ever since.
Unfortunately, a couple days ago I had an issue with one of the sandals, so I wrote to the company about the problem.
They wrote back promptly and not only offered to replace my shoes, but asked if I wanted to try a newer, more expensive model. Free of charge. No service fee. No shipping fee. Nothing.
Just (paraphrasing) “We’re sorry about that and we want to make it right!”
This morning I got confirmation they sent me a new pair of shoes.
There are so many companies out there that go through the motions of trying to make it appear as if they care about your business — when really, they just want your money — and then there are companies that come across as if they genuinely do care about your business.
Yes, running a business requires creating something people are willing to pay for. And it requires marketing your product, too.
But there is a way to do this in a fashion that actually shows that you not only care about how you do business, but you actually care about your customers as well.
And I really believe these 3 companies do.
And I thought I should tell someone.

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"Best two weeks ever!"
How to speak so that people want to listen
Positive Energy Beverages, Patreon, and Xero shoes

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Positive Energy Beverages, Patreon, and Xero shoes

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