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Shout out to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

Today’s shout out goes to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

The state of the art Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center is a perfect stop for anyone (particularly travelers) looking for affordable access to showers, a place to swim, and a fitness center.
Free wi-fi throughout the facility and cardio equipment that charges usb devices is also a nice touch.
I highly recommend that anyone visiting Moab, Utah or surrounding parks to make MRAC a part of their trip!

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I should also point out that of the 3+ places I contacted (via email) about access to their (fitness) facilities before my travels to Moab 2 years ago, MRAC was the only place to actually respond back.
This past week marked my 2 year anniversary since that visit. Not only did the woman, Terry, who runs the facility remember me, she was just as welcoming as ever.
This place is great and I do highly recommend it.

Shout out to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

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Shout out to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

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