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Shout out to: Legacy Initiative

Today’s shout out goes to: Legacy Initiative

The Legacy Initiative is a Non-Profit group comprised of friends and neighbors who’s mission is to fight hunger, provide humanitarian aid, and educate people through community partnerships not just for today, but for our future.
“Our job is to serve others, offer friendship to those who need it most, and inspire others to do the same. We want to give hope to those whose situation seems bleak.”
Go check out their site and page and if you like it, do whatever you’re inspired to do. (Although one of the most helpful things for people and pages like this is additional exposure.)

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Shout out to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

Today’s shout out goes to: Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center

The state of the art Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center is a perfect stop for anyone (particularly travelers) looking for affordable access to showers, a place to swim, and a fitness center.
Free wi-fi throughout the facility and cardio equipment that charges usb devices is also a nice touch.
I highly recommend that anyone visiting Moab, Utah or surrounding parks to make MRAC a part of their trip!

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I should also point out that of the 3+ places I contacted (via email) about access to their (fitness) facilities before my travels to Moab 2 years ago, MRAC was the only place to actually respond back.
This past week marked my 2 year anniversary since that visit. Not only did the woman, Terry, who runs the facility remember me, she was just as welcoming as ever.
This place is great and I do highly recommend it.

Shout out to: Pictures in Boxes

Today’s shout out goes to: PicturesInBoxes

I can’t say much about the web comic “pictures in boxes” because I can’t figure out who the creator is. But I can tell you it’s fun, funny, nerdy, and inspired. And if you’re into that sort of thing, I think you’ll enjoy love it.

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